It’s been so long…

I’m not really sure what caused this hiatus. I was caught up with work and school…and life…and health stuff. Whatever it was…I’m back now. So let me update y’all…

Lupus is still wrecking havoc on my body, but I’m pushing through. My anemia has improved thanks to weekly doses of 30,000 units of procrit, but I’m still very fatigued. I’m not sleeping well. I wake up about three times each night to use the bathroom, and I average about 5 hours of sleep. Arthritic pains have worsened.

I also have some bittersweet news. I’ve been approved to be added to the transplant list for a kidney. I really don’t want to have another surgery, but I think it’s necessary. I’m still trying to wrap my mind around all this. The thought of the recovery and being on another med depresses me.

On a positive note, I’ve been working out and practicing yoga. Being on the mat relaxes me; it’s the only time that I can quiet my mind. Sometimes I just sit in a pose and cry, but it’s cleansing for my soul.

I’m off work for the summer (the BEST part of teaching), so you’ll hear more from me.

I’m trying to drop 40 pounds by September, so if you have tips or motivating words, please share.

Until next time…which will be sooner than later.

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