Shrugging it off

If you’ve been reading my blog, then you should know that I am a beginning yogi. I started doing yoga because I needed a hobby that I enjoy. I also needed something to relieve my stress. Even though I pay monthly for a gym membership, I needed something I could do at home.

I attended a yoga class, and boom! I know yoga was for me. Anyhoo, one of the things I’ve learned since I began my practice was how important it is to let things go. Mannnn if only I had knew about this sooner. All my life I’ve been holding in anger, sadness, disappointment, and other negative emotions that probably contributed to my high blood pressure.

When I practice yoga, I also release the negative energy of the day. It’s also helped me to not dwell on the negative things that I experience throughout my day. I am a chronic overthinker and a fixer. I will obsess over an issue trying to solve it or find another way. Meditating and practicing yoga has taught me to just accept that you have to just let some things be.

I’m learning to just accept and move on…fixating on my problems only leads to stress. And stress is not something that I need.

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