God speaks to me all the time, but sometimes I don’t listen. It’s not purposely, but I second guess what I hear or I make excuses for why I can’t follow through.

This week I’d been contemplating ending this blog. I haven’t been focused on writing because I didn’t want to vent. No one wants to read about your miserable life. People like feel good stories.

I had to wait until I had something to share that wasn’t just me whining about my health issues. And it happened! I’m sitting here in the beauty salon waiting to get my hair done, and this lady was telling my stylist about how much yoga changed her husband’s life.

This was significant for a couple of reasons. One was because there aren’t many Black men who I know do yoga, and two because I just signed up for a yoga class that I was thinking about canceling.

I realized about six months ago after talking with a friend that I have nothing for me. I have no hobbies that are relaxing and induce joy. I spend my idle time watching TV and snacking. Very recently I realized that I’ve gained 20 pounds from that hobby. My energy level is poor at best. After work I only want to sleep.

Fast forward to a month ago when we had Teacher Institute Day. My district incorporated brain breaks in the day which included fun activities we could do. One of those activities was yoga. I’ve always wanted to try it, so I took that opportunity.

Even though I had never done yoga before, I felt like I had found my tribe. After the 30 minute session, I felt renewed. I knew I wanted to make this my hobby. This was something I could do for my spirit and my body. I was excited, so I signed up for a yoga class.

A few days later I found out my kidney was worse, and then I felt defeated. I fell into a slump of not wanting to do anything. Until today…today I was reminded that I need to think positive and do more things that make me happy.

Yoga is one of those things, but sharing my life with you all is one too. I’ll work on being more consistent with both.


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