Pleasant Surprises

My friends would say that I’m pessimistic; however, I’ve always described it as realistic. Living with a chronic illness, I generally cope by expecting the worse. Therefore, when I receive bad news I can still function. Yes, I cry and wallow, but then I pick myself up and keep moving. However, when good things happen, I am usually awestruck.

Today I received a call from the nurse who specializes in managing kidney disease. She informed me that it was time for me to be added to the transplant list. She also suggested that I ask friends and family if they’d like to be a living donor. I laughed and told her that I didn’t have anyone who’d offer me a kidney. She informed me that I wasn’t the first patient to laugh and say that, but she encouraged me to ask anyway.

So I did the easiest thing I could think of…I posted it on Facebook. I’ll admit that I only did it to prove the point that no one would be interested. I figured I’d get some nosy people who would ask questions and some people offering prayers. I was sure that no one would offer to give me a kidney.

But I was wrong! Seven people offered in the hour that I left the post up. I was really overwhelmed. I’m rarely speechless, but I was shocked. And the people who offered weren’t even my closest friends. I was really touched and inspired by the compassion shown. This gave me more motivation to keep fighting. Sometimes I feel so alone in this fight to survive, but today I was reminded that I have more people than I realized in my corner. I was pleasantly surprised.

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