Beyond Tired.

This week was tough. I’ve been battling the flu for a week along with battling my insurance company. It’s been an uphill battle trying to get them to approve my Procrit injections and the CT my doctor ordered. Without the CT I can’t schedule my surgery and as much as I don’t want to be cut on, I am tired of the pain.

I didn’t miss any days of work, even though I’ve been experiencing the worst fatigue. I pushed through (all thanks to God) because I was doing a workshop this week, and I didn’t want to disappoint my team. There’s also some pride. I didn’t want to give in and let all of my ailments win. But I’ve literally been barely making into bed as soon as I get home. I was barely eating, partially from being sick but also from being too tired.

I’d sleep for a couple of hours, but I’d still have to wake up to make sure my son has completed his homework, showered, and goes to bed on time. Then I’d go back to sleep. Repeat every day this week except today. Today, I felt a bit better, so I did MY homework, and I ate dinner. I knew I needed to update my blog for my own sanity. I needed to express how I’m feeling. I’M MF-ING TIRED. I can’t do and don’t want to anything extra this weekend, but try to recover. 💜

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