Baby Steps

I haven’t wrote in a few days, but I was trying to get things in order. I implemented some changes to my life. I started counting calories using My Fitness Pal. I just needed something to hold me accountable for what I’m eating. I’ve been sticking to eating between the hours of 10am – 6pm, but I’ve also been going to bed earlier. The later I’m awake, the more likely I’ll want a snack.

Speaking of sleep, one of my issues is that I don’t sleep well and I wake up 2 – 3 times per night. There’s really nothing I can do to alleviate this, but going to bed earlier gives me more time to sleep. I’ve been try to go to bed no later than 10pm.

Next week I am going to try to workout 2-3 days for about 45 minutes. It may not seem like much to a normal person, but I’m far from normal. I’m usually exhausted by the time I leave work, but I know the benefits of working out, so I’m going to try my best.

A friend at work goes to the gym everyday. I don’t want to workout with her because she’s much more advanced and in shape. However, she promised to give me reminders, so that I will be nudged to go. Sometimes you need someone to hold your hand then let you go at your own pace…baby steps.

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