Where I Stand

The above quote by MLK Jr. is relevant to many issues; however, I am going to apply it to my health. Today, I went to get a second opinion on a hemorrhagic cyst that is in my pelvic area. It has been increasing in size and is quite painful. I want it removed, but first, tests need to be done to ensure that it is not cancer.

This issue isn’t lupus related, but it is just another thing to worry me. I’m really trying to keep a positive outlook. I’m going to trust God and believe that this is not cancer. I know that I’m not standing alone, and if I am weak, I can depend on Him to prop me up. That is the only thing that gives me solace right now.

Once I cross this hurdle, I can fully focus on better living. However, I have begun to implement some changes. I implemented a morning devotion into my routine. I also am changing my eating habits where I will only eat between the 10am-6pm. I read that this gives your body an opportunity to burn stored fat. They are just two changes for now, but they are steps toward becoming a better me.

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