Support Systems

I’ve been feeling down the past few days. I’ve always struggled with depression due to being sick a lot and other issues. I used to see a therapist, but my insurance changed. I haven’t followed up to see if my sessions would be covered under the new insurance.

I am unable to discuss how I’m feeling with family. In my family, I am the black sheep. They’ve never understood me nor have they tried to get to know me. I love my friends, but they have their own lives. Besides I’m the “strong” friend who everyone tells their issues. I also don’t know feel completely comfortable baring my soul to them.

For all that those reasons, I keep things to myself. I’ve been dealing with being sick for so long that I’m used to dealing with it alone. But sometimes I just need to know someone cares. I need someone to ask and really want to know how I’m feeling. I might actually break down and cry. I don’t need them to say anything. I just need them to emphatically listen. After all, isn’t that what being supportive is all about? Check on your loved ones, especially the strong ones. 💜

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