Better Days Ahead

Today I received the blood transfusion. It was an interesting experience. I was more sore than usual due to a 35 degree drop in temperature outside. I have Raynaud’s, so my hands were cold, blue, and numb. I get to the hospital, and the check-in clerk tells me I don’t have an appointment. I should interject here and let you all know that this has happened before. The clerk confided in me (even though I was already aware) that Linda often screws up appointments. Anyway, the crisis was averted because they fit me into the schedule.

I enter the infusion center, and the nurse sets me up in my station. I inform her that I’m a hard stick, and I have small, diagonal veins. She starts tapping my arm looking for a good vein and settles on a very small one in my hand. She inputs the IV and asks if it hurts. I told her no then she starts to wiggle it. I told her it hurts when you move it. She continues to wiggle it. I tell her it’s painful. She tells me it’s fine and flushes. The pain stops as long as it’s not touched. I tell her this. She starts to touch and wiggle it. I wince in pain and probably stabbed her with my eyes because she left.

She comes back with the blood and asks if I am anemic. Why else would I be getting blood?! Finally, she left me alone. That was the worst part. I started feeling better about an hour into the transfusion. A really nice cafeteria worker brought me lunch at around noon. He had various items on his cart, he sang the menu choices to me. I had the chicken noodle soup, turkey sandwich, apple juice, and vanilla pudding. He went from station to station singing to patients. His kindness made me smile. As a matter of fact, he made all of the patients in the infusion center smile. Most of the people there were chemotherapy patients. The setting was somber, but his arrival brought the Sun.

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