Today was difficult, but I expected it. Like I said yesterday, I rarely get good news at doctor appointments. I saw the nephrologist today and in addition to needing a blood transfusion, my parathyroid gland is malfunctioning. The doctor said this is due to my kidney issues. He added another med to fix this.

The doctor also told me he’s almost ready to add me to the transplant list. However, I have to wait until a few months post my transfusion. He doesn’t want me to start dialysis; his plan is for me to be at the top of the transplant list by the time I really need the kidney.

On top of all that, I found out I gained 15 pounds. I know this is from a combination of poor diet, emotional eating, and winter blues. I really just need a muzzle. I think the weight gain is what bothers me most. I’m either gaining weight from my lifestyle choices or prednisone. I want to be optimistic, but right now all I really want is some cake to make me feel better. Luckily for my waist, I don’t have any.

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